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We Know how to
Re-establish Good Order
in no Time at All

Often only one off-balance domino is enough to trigger a chain reaction that soon topples an entire business and brings it to a standstill. In such cases, speed is of the essence. Any kind of assistance is most welcome – particularly when conveyed in the level-headed manner with which we conduct our operations. Our consultants are highly adept at defusing problematic situations as swiftly as possible: for, naturally, a less heated climate makes it far easier to restore structures that have fallen into disarray.

Working Wonders

Regaining lost confidence is the significantly tougher nut to crack. And here a mediator may often work wonders. Not only is the proficient mediator capable of uniting the various parties, such as owners, banks, employees, suppliers, potential buyers and frequently even the state, but with his solution-oriented pragmatism he also facilities objectivity in frequently emotionally charged negotiations. Ultimately, even the most antagonistic interests are reconciled.

We do not rest content until we have envisioned a detailed, fact-based future prospect by means of which buyers, sellers and stakeholders alike are able to see their way forward.

Our commitment does not, however, cease at the negotiating table. Once an agreement has been secured, we remain at your side – if so desired – to advise or coach you for as long as it takes for the new rules and processes to be established and for normality to return to operations.

Acting Rather than Reacting

Experience has shown that many companies react only after the baby has already been thrown out with the bathwater. In many cases, well-considered and timely advice might have prevented the worst outcome. For this reason, we strongly recommend involving a consultant at the first sign of trouble. Here, too, in most cases time means money.